Testimonials From Parents



Working with Inger has completely transformed our family life – we have learnt all about putting the oxygen mask on – and dealing effectively with any situations that arise. 

When we first met Inger we were at a stage where leaving the house to go anywhere – school, supermarket or social events  – was become near on impossible.  My daughter  would get very anxious and upset, and was unable to explain why. Since visiting Inger her anxiety has become manageable for her and for me, and she is able to express her feelings much more easily, and process whats going on in her head.

Ultimately we are all much happier, and I am overwhelmed by the difference Inger has made to us, I cant recommend her enough.

C.M., Saffron Walden, Mother of B,  aged 6




My son has always been an anxious child but had become increasingly so in the last three or four years especially when it came to changes in routine. Going to school became a particular issue.

I sought Inger’s help when his anxiety began to escalate to an almost debilitating level. He was clearly unhappy and family life was suffering as a result.

After six sessions with Inger he appeared less anxious, more self controlled and calmer – generally a much happier child. Inger taught him that it is ok to have concerns and to be nervous – the trick is to how to deal with them before they become overwhelming – and provided him with techniques to manage his anxiety.

I wouldn’t hesitate to ask for Inger’s help again.

J.L., Bishop’s Stortford



Wow! I have seen such a change in my daughter -it is amazing! She is more confident, self assured, positive and happy.

It is so lovely to see her this way and in such a short time. Thank you so very much Inger.

S.W. Pilates teacher, Haverhill, Mother of D, 15



“Thank you for all your hard work with my daughter. Her progression emotionally since coming to sessions with you has been massive and I am so appreciate of the part you have played in her development during a difficult time. I thoroughly recommend you (and often do) as a wonderful practitioner who has really made a difference. Thank you.”

S.E. Mother of L.E, aged 14



My daughter has always been a worrier and as she reached her teens this was impacting negatively on her life. Not only was she worrying a great deal of what other people thought of her, she was also too scared of upsetting others to speak out for her own good.

As a result of working with Inger I have noticed a real change in how my daughter reacts to certain situations and she has grown dramatically in confidence.

I was delighted with how my daughter tackled a situation recently. She was extremely grown up in her actions and did not worry about what others thought and appeared to overcome a situation that would have caused huge embarrassment previously. This time she just got on with it.

She has also become more proactive in saying what she wants in certain situations and speaking up more. She really has gained in confidence and I feel relieved that she can now ask for help.

N.S. mother of D.S. aged 15




“Thank you for your understanding manner. My daughter says you know and say exactly what she is feeling…which is spot on. A real skill!”

V.N. Mother of S.T, aged 15



Before my daughter saw Inger she had no confidence in herself or her abilities. Socially she was holding herself back as she had a fear of being rejected. She got into complicated dynamics in various friendship groups and many of these problems had manifested because of previous negative experiences at school. All these things I knew would be holding her back now that she was leaving school.

I have seen many changes since EFT: A wisdom around friendship groups, she now has a really positive attitude towards herself and her abilities.She is much happier at home, at college and socially when she is with others.

She has a more ‘go grab it attitude” – knowing that things may not work out in her favour – but she is willing to give it a go anyway – a massive step for a 17 yr old who previously would be happier to sit in the shadows.

She uses the techniques that Inger has taught her in stressful/difficult situations – which she finds really beneficial – she found that when discussing issues with Inger – Inger was able to put into words her feeling exactly, this helped her enormously and she would recommend EFT to all other young people. Thank you Inger!

C.G. Mother of B.G, aged 17.



Inger has been working with my 15 yr old son with EFT for 2 sets of sessions. Her support, wisdom and patience has been invaluable – not only to my son but to me as a very anxious parent.

My son presented with extreme anxiety, intrusive thoughts and nervous behaviour – which showed itself in various ways.
Inger was both professional, extremely compassionate and was able to get onto his wave length – which to a teenager is crucial in gaining trust and therefore getting to the root causes.

The EFT was powerful in bringing to the surface painful experiences – which he and Inger worked on in a safe and trusting manner – and he always felt ‘great’ and energised yet relaxed after each session.

Inger and I discussed that he still had more to do after one set of sessions and I am so glad we did because he is so much better for it.

He has grown in confidence, has learnt to “tap” when he feels anxious and he knows it works. It has empowered him to deal with life better and he is happier and calmer in himself, which I did not think possible a year ago.

As a parent, I see life as a teenager so much harder than it was for me; pressures to behave/look a certain way and pressure at school is huge. I think EFT and homeopathy are invaluable in helping our children to gain confidence in themselves and to understand certain behaviours and therefore making the transition into adulthood a healthier one.

I would recommend Inger and her natural approach to any troubled teen and to his/her parent.

P.N. Mother of J.N, aged 15.



We came to see Inger when H was struggling with bullying at school. Through his work with Inger H was able to work through his feelings of sadness and isolation, importantly Inger helped him to distance himself from feeling like a victim and to take charge of the situation.

It was a very positive experience and one that we would repeat should we need it!

W.N. Mother of M.H, aged 11.



My main concern about signing my daughter up for the Pathway Process was that it is a large financial outlay that requires a leap of faith despite the money back guarantee.

My daughter has been so grateful and amazed. You only find out how badly she actually felt – and was suffering in silence – after the treatment when she could express herself so much more freely and happily.

She says that she now feels like a normal person again rather than someone feeling ‘mad’ and that it had felt like wearing a really tight band with a metal lump pressing into her which she ‘wore’ 24/7.

The biggest benefit is that she has found her old happy-go-lucky self again.

I am a huge advocate of EFT and know that it is very effective. I think it should be taught to every teenager in the world.

K.S. Mother of K.C, aged 23.



I turned to Inger for help with my 6 year old son, when I really was at the end of my tether with his extremely angry behaviour. 

His school claimed he was extremely well behaved so didn’t understand the problem and I refused to take him to the GP for fear of unnecessary medication being given.

I had tried every trick in the book from punishments to rewards with no success at all.

Inger was available with a kind, sympathetic and, importantly for me, a non-judgemental ear to listen, guide and advise but also with a plan to help Thomas to resolve his behavioral issues so we could really get to the root of the problem and find me the light at the end of the tunnel.

As a result of the sessions he had with Inger, my son is a happier, calmer child and now has the ability to talk me through the emotions he’s feeling at that moment, instead of exhibiting the dreadful outbursts of anger and despair and anxiety he previously did.

I would not let the cost deter me because the methods my son learned are life long tools he can use again and again.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone who is struggling with a child who is bursting with anger and anxiety and needs help.




Working with Inger has been transformative not just for my 10 year old daughter but for the whole family.

We asked for Inger’s help because of my daughter’s terrifying panic attacks/emotional melt-downs. She lived in constant fear of getting in trouble at school and described the inside of her head as “all the drawers being open at the same time”. She had been referred to CAHMS by our GP.

I knew I was a worrier with a tendency to over-explain and over-protect because of my huge fear that my childhood history would repeat itself on her.

Since seeing Inger, my daughter is now much more confident in herself. She’s able to ring doorbells, go into shops, pay voluntarily and ask for food from waiters. Before, that would have been unthinkable.

She is settled at school and has even asked if she could do an overnight boarding! I am so excited for her – this shows just how far she has come and how much more secure she is feeling now.

Inger has gently helped me to see that I was feeding my daughter’s insecurities. I’ve changed my own behaviour so I don’t do that anymore, and I’m now able to put my foot down with her when I need to.

Before we saw Inger, I felt powerless. My lack of understanding was holding my daughter back. Now, I feel empowered. It’s a fantastic feeling to know that I’m able to do something constructive that will help her to recognise how confident she really is!

Surrogate tapping definitely works and is a great thing to have in your toolbox as a parent.

I now feel much better about expressing what I want and how I feel and our household is generally happier and more relaxed as a result. I know it’s a cliché, but I feel I have found myself again. I feel upbeat and engaged, and even my sister has commented that I’m more like my old self.

I still have the same tendencies to overprotect and to overthink, but I’m aware of it now and I know how to stop myself.

And my own childhood stuff? I am over that now too!




Prior to our son’s sessions with Inger he had been struggling with some confidence issues, particularly around maintaining friendships and managing the ‘teenage banter’ that goes on in the playground. He would often take things very much to heart and feel hurt and upset. This resulted in him becoming withdrawn and sometimes quite upset and angry at home.

His sessions with Inger helped him work through some of his confidence issues and identify their origin, which appears to have helped him put things into better perspective. Whilst there is likely more work that needs to be done he seems to be more resilient and has a greater ability to bounce back from adversity, as well as being able to be more assertive and pro active with friendships. He’s now more open at home and is talking more about issues that have upset him.

Inger has a lovely welcoming approach and showed great empathy and understanding and we would have no reservation in recommending her.

SK, Mother of J, aged 14

Testimonials From Children and Young People



Before my sessions with Inger I was in a deep depression. My whole body was filled with anxiety. Having suffered from depression and anxiety before, I was extremely negative and couldn’t see a way to recovery. It was a very frightening time in my life.

When I first arrived at Inger’s practice, I was a complete mess. Since working with Inger and the powerful tool that is EFT (tapping), I feel 100 times better.

For one hour a week I found a space of warmth, comfort and trust. Inger really nurtures the individual and their spirit. She helped me confront my pain.

We worked on my severe emotional and physical anxiety. Before I wasn’t sleeping and I couldn’t relax. My whole body was tense, a huge knot of anxiety.

On one memorable session, whilst tapping, I felt my whole body relax for the first time in a year. I cried and laughed with relief.

I can’t really express my gratitude for this because no words would really reach it, but I can say just how much better I feel. Since I have been able to use the techniques I have learnt to calm my anxiety and feel better about myself.

With time, talk and tapping, Inger has taught me to trust my emotions, to let myself feel them and most importantly to love myself.

I really appreciate the therapeutic tool that is EFT and I can honestly say I don’t know where I’d be now without Inger’s help and guidance.

J.D, aged 21



I have got over the trauma, it doesn’t pop into my head all the time and I am not taking time off school to make sure she is well.

C.E. aged 15



“Now when a test is sprung on me I feel no worries and I am able to stay calm.”

M.K, aged 14



“My confidence has improved and I feel better in myself.”

G.L. aged 14.



Reflecting on my time with Inger the most important aspects are that I have come through so much stronger and I have so much more understanding of myself and my situation.

B.G. aged 17.




Before I went to see Inger, I struggled with controlling my rage and anxiousness at the dinner table.

During my time with Inger I learnt how to notice what I was feeling, and learnt ways in which to make me calmer and less aware of the sounds people were making. Although I still struggle mildly with this issue but now I can use the technique she taught me, and I can control myself, and I have gotten a lot better. I have also felt better around my family, this experience helped me alot. It was nice to share my issues and have someone to talk to. Overall it was a massive help seeing Inger and I enjoyed it alot. So thank you very much!!

M.J.G, aged 15

Testimonials From “Parenting an Anxious Child or Teen” Workshops



Just want to say thank you for the workshop that I attended in February. I still read through the top 10 solutions and have also had a go with the tapping. I’m not doing it on a regular basis but when I can. I have also gently tapped the side of my hand during a few situations and it has definitely helped! so a Big thank you!
Thank you for all the information you have emailed me. I am also planning to join your Facebook page.

LS, March 2018



Working with Inger has been an enlightening experience.

I originally went along to one of Inger’s anxiety workshops looking for support for my daughter who was being bullied at school, only to end up having my own one to one sessions!  Inger has given me the tools to unlock my negative thinking and stuck thought processes. The sessions with Inger were an emotional rollercoaster and often exhausting, but I now feel more in control, which has made me feel lighter . Dealing with my own issues, has made it easier to support my daughter with hers.

I thoroughly recommend working with Inger.

CJ, Feb 2018



I just wanted to say thank you for an informative workshop last night.

I find it positive to keep learning about anxiety and the effects it has, as it has played a heavy part in my family life from adolescence to now with me & my own children.

I am definitely going to continue learning that technique with all the others I have picked up along my journey and hope to give my children greater insight with it.

FLM, Jan 2018



I just wanted to pass on my thanks to you as I found the workshop on Monday to be very useful.  I have found I am much more patient and am managing to maintain that patience throughout an episode my child’s of anxiety for longer.




“Dear Inger, I wanted to say a huge thank you. I had an opportunity to use the techniques you taught just the other week with my eldest son. It worked like a dream and what could have been a disastrous situation was averted. Thank you, thank you.”




“As a result of attending your workshop I have gained knowledge which makes me a better parent, I am calmer and more equipped to deal with stressful situations by using what I learned. Frankly speaking, I am shouting a lot less and have an inch or two more patience than I previously had.”




“The most important lesson for me was that I am not only allowed, but supposed to put myself first. A happy mum stands more chance of effectively helping her stressed out child. Knowing I wasn’t alone in trying to make sense of what we were going through was a lifeline. Just a big fat THANK YOU Inger x”




“Thank you for your time, advice and expertise. I found your workshop last week incredibly helpful and am already practising putting the oxygen mask on myself first.”