“Inger has been working with my 15 yr old son with EFT for 2 sets of sessions. Her support, wisdom and patience has been invaluable – not only to my son but to me as a very anxious parent.

My son presented with extreme anxiety, intrusive thoughts and nervous behaviour – which showed itself in various ways.
Inger was both professional, extremely compassionate and was able to get onto his wave length – which to a teenager is crucial in gaining trust and therefore getting to the root causes.

The EFT was powerful in bringing to the surface painful experiences – which he and Inger worked on in a safe and trusting manner – and he always felt ‘great’ and energised yet relaxed after each session.

Inger and I discussed that he still had more to do after one set of sessions and I am so glad we did because he is so much better for it.
He has grown in confidence, has learnt to “tap” when he feels anxious and he knows it works. It has empowered him to deal with life better and he is happier and calmer in himself, which I did not think possible a year ago.

As a parent, I see life as a teenager so much harder than it was for me; pressures to behave/look a certain way and pressure at school is huge. I think EFT and homeopathy are invaluable in helping our children to gain confidence in themselves and to understand certain behaviours and therefore making the transition into adulthood a healthier one.

I would recommend Inger and her natural approach to any troubled teen and to his/her parent.