“Before my daughter saw Inger she had no confidence in herself or her abilities. Socially she was holding herself back as she had a fear of being rejected. She got into complicated dynamics in various friendship groups and many of these problems had manifested because of previous negative experiences at school. All these things I knew would be holding her back now that she was leaving school.

I have seen many changes since EFT: A wisdom around friendship groups, she now has a really positive attitude towards herself and her abilities.She is much happier at home, at college and socially when she is with others.

She has a more ‘go grab it attitude” – knowing that things may not work out in her favour – but she is willing to give it a go anyway – a massive step for a 17 yr old who previously would be happier to sit in the shadows.

She uses the techniques that Inger has taught her in stressful/difficult situations – which she finds really beneficial – she found that when discussing issues with Inger – Inger was able to put into words her feeling exactly, this helped her enormously and she would recommend EFT to all other young people. Thank you Inger!”