“Before my sessions with Inger I was in a deep depression. My whole body was filled with anxiety. Having suffered from depression and anxiety before, I was extremely negative and couldn’t see a way to recovery. It was a very frightening time in my life.

When I first arrived at Inger’s practice, I was a complete mess. Since working with Inger and the powerful tool that is EFT (tapping), I feel 100 times better.

For one hour a week I found a space of warmth, comfort and trust. Inger really nurtures the individual and their spirit. She helped me confront my pain.

We worked on my severe emotional and physical anxiety. Before I wasn’t sleeping and I couldn’t relax. My whole body was tense, a huge knot of anxiety.

On one memorable session, whilst tapping, I felt my whole body relax for the first time in a year. I cried and laughed with relief.

I can’t really express my gratitude for this because no words would really reach it, but I can say just how much better I feel. Since I have been able to use the techniques I have learnt to calm my anxiety and feel better about myself.

With time, talk and tapping, Inger has taught me to trust my emotions, to let myself feel them and most importantly to love myself.

I really appreciate the therapeutic tool that is EFT and I can honestly say I don’t know where I’d be now without Inger’s help and guidance.”