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“Parenting an Anxious/Angry Child or Teen”

Online Workshop

  • Learn the tricks and tools of calm parenting and resilience

  • Free and from the comfort of your own home!

  • Live with Q&As and real time interaction

Thank you for the zoom workshop.

I particularly learnt how the back part of your brain stops the front half from working/thinking and my daughter and I have both used this in situations that have caused anxiety.

I was surprised how well the tapping technique worked to relieve stress.

A.G., Mother, Saffron Walden

Does this sound like you?

You are the parent of a child or teenager who is stressed, angry and anxious. 

You are confused about where this has come from and how best to deal with it.

Sometimes you are reassuring and other times you think it might be best to ‘toughen’ your child or teen up a little to life’s uncertainties.


Does this sound like your child?

Stressed, angry and anxious. All at the same time.  

Monumental melt downs and serial loss of tempers over very little while the rest of the family is treading on eggshells.

It seems that each day brings a new thing to worry or get angry about and you are increasingly trying to manage what s/he is exposed to.


I can help you to…

  • Understand what it’s really about, how it affects us and how to alleviate the symptoms

  • Learn skills and tools so you can calmly help your child or teen feel happier and more relaxed

  • Find ways to be emotionally intelligent and literate with your child or teenage

  • Have a strategy to deal with the stress, anger and anxiety

  • Be empowered to help your child deal with their ‘what ifs’ and fearful thoughts as they happen


Join the 2 hour online workshop

You will come away knowing the physiology and anatomy of anxiety and will be able to ‘explain the brain’ to your child.

You will learn a simple but powerful energy psychology tool that will kill anxiety feelings in an instant and transform your parenting.

Discover the power of putting the Oxygen Mask on yourself first when turbulent emotional child weather is forecast.

The workshop is small, friendly and informal and you can bring your own cuppa! 


Here’s how to join the next workshop



“The most important lesson for me was that I am not only allowed, but supposed to put myself first. A happy mum stands more chance of effectively helping her stressed out child. Knowing I wasn’t alone in trying to make sense of what we were going through was a lifeline. Just a big fat THANK YOU Inger x”


I just wanted to pass on my thanks to you as I found the workshop on Monday to be very useful.  I have found I am much more patient and am managing to maintain that patience throughout an episode my child’s of anxiety for longer.