“Each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Tolstoy

Exam Ready In 4 Weeks

Does this sound like your child?

There are tears, stomach-aches and resistance to go to school.

They struggle to go to sleep and can’t concentrate on revision.

They wear fragility and fear like a weight round their neck.

You can see how much it costs them to get out of the house every morning.

Welcome to Exam Season!

That yearly ritual where our children are officially weighed, sorted, categorised and judged.

The time of spring, hope and tree pollen.

When the sap rises and the light returns, yet our children are bogged down with endless revision and the tremendous pressure to perform.

Add to that an actual fear of exams and you have the perfect recipe for disaster.

Prolonged pressure with added mental and emotional stress, overwhelm and panic is unlikely to produce results worthy of the effort.


I have a solution for you!

Wow! I have seen such a change in my daughter – it is amazing! She is more confident, self assured, positive and happy.

It is so lovely to see her this way and in such a short time. Thank you so very much Inger.

S.W., Mum and pilates teacher, Haverhill

Fast forward to your child feeling calm and having perspective about exams and tests.

Imagine not having to soothe, coax and handle every hysterical outburst and jangly fear neuron firing off.

Think of your child feeling good, confident and willing to embrace the opportunity to show off their hard-won abilities.

See them able to handle the pressure with composure and verve, equipped with tools to use as first aid for panic.


The work 

We will uncover why they are scared of tests in the first place and explore what drives the anxiety.

Then we’ll tease out those old experiences and have a look at the meaning they were given so we can heal them.

After that we’ll make friends with the anxiety by understanding that it is both trying to protect us and get us ready to perform well.

Your child will learn tools and develop skills to keep calm, deal with stress and banish exam nerves.  This will enable them to  consciously protect themselves and turn the anxiety into an ally that helps them perform better.


My daughter has been so grateful and amazed. You only find out how badly she actually felt, and was suffering in silence, after the treatment when she could express herself so much more freely and happily.

She says that she now feels like a normal person again rather than someone feeling ‘mad’.

The biggest benefit is that she has found her old happy-go-lucky self again.

S.K., Mum and teacher, Bury St Edmunds


Would you like to know more? 

Apply for a no obligation WayForward Consultation and see if Exam Ready in 4 Weeks is just the ticket for a calmer spring in your home!

 Unique to you

 There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ to exam nerves and this work is personalised to your child’s needs.

Before our daughter worked with Inger exams or homework was her trigger to have total emotional meltdowns. She refused to ask for help from her teachers and peers if she didn’t understand something and when she asked advice from us it always resulted in shouting, crying and throwing things.

Now she is able to handle her school life and she is a happier teenager in general who laughs a lot more and our whole home life has changed, weekends are back to how they used to be without the stress of impending homework challenges.

We weren’t sure that this type of therapy would work for our daughter and also the cost was a factor. However with Inger’s 100% money back guarantee we decided to give it a try and I’m so glad we did because we’ve got our daughter and a happy home life back.

A.S., Mum, Saffron Walden

I don’t work with everyone

I can only work with a limited number of one-to-one clients to be able to give you the level of support you need. To make sure this is the right solution for you and your child, I invite you to a 60 minute no obligation WayForward Consultation.

On the call we’ll get to chat and see if we’re a good fit.

If at the end of the consultation, I feel my services are not a good fit for you then I’ll let you know. And if I feel I can help, I’ll let you know how.

The purpose of this valuable call is to help you get clarity about what I offer and how I work, and for me to understand your family dynamic and where things have gone awry. It is important that you choose the right person for your child as they often only give us one chance to find them help.

We were all drained from her outbursts that left us all feeling upset, confused and exhausted. We had tried various tactics over this period without getting anywhere and felt stuck and didnt know how to handle her anymore or how to help her.

With Inger we got almost instant results.

We were sceptical about any outside help, “you can bring the horse to water but you can’t make it drink” kind of thing. So to see her behaviour improve so fast was amazing especially since she didn’t want to go at all.

Meltdowns almost ceased within a couple of sessions and she appeared to be alot calmer in general, in all aspects of her life.

A.S. Mum, Saffron Walden