J.L. September 2016

“I just wanted to pass on my thanks to you as I found the workshop on Monday to be very useful.  I have found I am much more patient and am managing to maintain that patience throughout an episode my child’s of anxiety for longer.”

B.B. July 2016  

“Dear Inger, I wanted to say a huge thank you. I had an opportunity to use the techniques you taught just the other week with my eldest son. It worked like a dream and what could have been a disastrous situation was averted. Thank you, thank you.”

S.J. October 2016

“As a result of attending your workshop I have gained knowledge which makes me a better parent, I am calmer and more equipped to deal with stressful situations by using what I learned. Frankly speaking, I am shouting a lot less and have an inch or two more patience...

 F.K. October 2017

“The most important lesson for me was that I am not only allowed, but supposed to put myself first. A happy mum stands more chance of effectively helping her stressed out child. Knowing I wasn’t alone in trying to make sense of what we were going through was a...

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