Here is all about me and why I love my work as an energy psychology therapist.

I live in a small market town near Cambridge, England and I am the mother of 3 girls (now young women in their 20s).

I have navigated the choppy waters of family life and have first-hand experience of how unhappy it can get: divorce, moving schools and the terrible loss of friends to accidents, as well as all the day-to-day difficulties of school life, siblings and friendships.

Although my girls have now happily flown the nest, I still care deeply for them and my wider family as well as my friends, my garden, my yoga practice and our global and local environment.

  • My children think I am eccentric; I like to think it keeps them on their toes.

  • I am well travelled and adventurous. I came to the UK from Denmark over 30 years ago for the longest gap year in history. I fell in love with England and the English and have never regretted my decision though I still struggle with the whole Morris Men thing.

  • I can and do still laugh at things that happened a looooong time ago especially when it involves friends falling off benches or into water (you know who you are!).

  • It’s completely impossible for me to read the chapter in Pippi Longstocking where she boards her dad’s ship and leaves Tommy and Annika behind without crying. Even though I know she comes back in the next chapter.

  • I make no apologies for hugging trees and am inexplicably becoming fascinated by bird life; surely a true sign of middle age?

    Inger in garden aged 4-5


Why do I care about helping families be happy again? Why do I care that so many of our children and teenagers suffer with stress, anger and anxiety?

Very simply, because I have experienced first-hand that the ‘stuff’ that happens to us when we are young, and the meaning we give it, is what limits and hurts us for the rest of our lives.

This is certainly my story, and although it feels hard to share something so personal online, the truth is that I entered adulthood and parenthood without any true sense of my own worth or value. I made a lot of bad choices that hurt myself and the people I care about.

With just a little bit of help at the right time so much pain and trouble could have been avoided. I feel strongly about spreading the message that there are effective solutions that deliver results and do not carry stigma. I could get all political and on my hobby horse about underfunded, inefficient services but I will spare you my preaching; all I really know is I have found what works and how to work it.

It is too sad when a child or teenager is weighed down and worried at a time when they should be expanding and embracing all that life has to offer them. I suppose the short answer to my ‘why’ is that I recognise their pain and because I have worked out how to transform and heal it, I have (literally) made it my business.


Inger you have a genuinely caring personality that comes across in all your sessions and for that you deserve every success and my greatest respect.


Administrator, Ashdon

The official bio

Energy Psychology Therapist Inger Madsen has been running her private therapy practice since 2005 and is fully committed to bringing the latest developments into her field and her work. Her questioning nature and passionate search for what brings true health and happiness has led her to study widely and eclectically.

Her passion and mission is to help society value and develop emotional intelligence. She does this by helping individuals to deep and lasting self-acceptance, wholeness and peace. She also supports schools to put emotional intelligence on a par with academic intelligence.


My credentials

AAMET accredited EFT Practitioner
Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner
MLC HOM Lakeland College of Homeopathy
BA HONS Psycho-Linguistics 1st

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