Hello, I’m Inger and I’m here to help your family be happy again.

I work with children and teenagers who are anxious or angry and whose parents have become afraid that this is more than just a phase or a normal part of childhood or growing up. Very often parents have already tried to find help but without success.

If you are like most of parents I work with you’re probably feeling the gut-wrenching pain of watching your child or teenager struggling with their emotions and their place in the world.

  • Maybe you’ve tried to numb it, only to find that nothing touches the pain of knowing that your child is deeply unhappy?

  • Are you terrified that your child is somehow broken?

  • Perhaps you have a whisper of fear that they will never cope with life as an adult and this is beginning to look like a real problem?

To add to this you probably feel guilty. You’ve convinced yourself that you are somehow responsible for their unhappiness, blaming yourself for not being able to ‘fix’ their issues.


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Do you feel worn out and as though you’re neglecting yourself, your other children and your partner? You can’t help your child when you are always firefighting. This comprehensive, step-by-step e-guide is your answer.

It is packed with empowering, sensible solutions and you’ll also find out why your own suggestions are so often rejected out of hand!

Use this e-guide’s proven solutions to release all that heavy emotional baggage. Get your child and your peace of mind back, knowing how to help them right now and into the future.

Inger has been working with my 15 yr old son. Her support, wisdom and patience has been invaluable – not only to my son but to me as a very anxious parent. My son presented with extreme anxiety, intrusive thoughts and nervous behaviour which showed itself in various ways. Inger was both professional, compassionate and able to get onto his wave length – which to a teenager is crucial in gaining trust and therefore getting to the root causes. The EFT was powerful in bringing to the surface painful experiences – which he and Inger worked on in a safe and trusting manner – and he always felt ‘great’ and energised yet relaxed after each session. The work with Inger has empowered him to deal with life better and he is happier and calmer in himself, which I did not think possible a year ago. L.G., Saffron Walden
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I scream, you scream, we all scream … about SCREENS

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I understand how difficult it can be when you are dealing with an anxious or angry child or teenager and the impact that has on the whole family.

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